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Meet the American, the Hungarian, the Swiss and the Chinese with a Canadian passport — globalization at its finest! My friend Philipp, whom I met in London, had stopped through his motherland (Switzerland) en route to Africa, where he will be living for the next year. We decided to visit him and his lovely family in Zürich before he headed south. Anyone who says the Swiss people are cold obviously hasn’t visited Philipp’s house. His mom made us a huge breakfast every morning consisting of all my favorites — honey, yogurt, bread, coffee, Swiss cheese and (best of all) Swiss chocolate! And his dad gave us a private tour of his observatory — where we peered at star clusters and far-out galaxies. It was an incredible trip and I have more than a few pictures to prove it!

From Zürich to the Swiss Alps to Lucerne. We only got a small glimpse of Switzerland’s beauty!

THURSDAY: A to… Zürich! A comprehensive tour

Sleep deprivation (or just being Hungarian) makes you do crazy things!

The Chinese with her gadgets.

After a sleepless night and a long 3 a.m. trip to the airport, Ben finally admits defeat. Zzzz!

Tunneling through the terminal to baggage claim. The sounds of cow bell and mooing on the way there took us by surprise.

Our “chauffeur” met us at the airport, sign and all.

I wasn’t kidding when I said we had chocolate for breakfast!

And our tour begins! Driving through fields and pastures on the outskirts of Zürich.

We’ve arrived in Zürich. (Photo by: Philipp Schütz)

After making a quick macaroon stop, we headed a few blocks away to Lake Zürich.

This is Yee Ting, the Chinese one who was born in Canada but grew up in Hong Kong.

These women poured the ashes of a loved one and handfuls of rose petals into the lake. It was beautiful watching the petals dance downstream and float away.

Catching Philipp in the act.

Not sure why boys have to climb everything… but I accept it.

Me and my camera!

(Photo by: Philipp Schütz)

Anyone need a (musik) hug?

Covert stargazing in Switzerland! Uhh definitely one of my favorite parts of the trip!

Learning about the dust that surrounds us.

A very precisely crafted back-lit starboard, so you can navigate the constellations without its light ruining the view.

FRIDAY: Tobogganing down the Swiss Alps & touring Lucerne

“Your light will shine through the darkness. Your light will shine through the dark, through the dark…”

Ben the Hungarian.

Heading up the mountain.

So breathtakingly pretty. We had a quick snack at the summit, but I wished I could’ve stayed up there all day.

The boys being “cool”.

This reminds me of a cartoon.

Tobogganing: Terrifying and exhilarating all wrapped into one.

Hanging out in Lucerne.

Welcome to Lucerne…

Pointing to all of our countries of origin on the globe.

SATURDAY: Photography exhibit and back to London

Our tickets into the photography exhibit.

Made the front page… not quite over the fold though! Shucks!

Freitag bag shop. Google it. These bags are seriously cool. They’re made out of old parachute material and are extremely durable. We saw at least 30 people who had these bags in the two days we were there.

The Swiss Franc is closer to the USD exchange rate (compared to the pound), but is still valued higher than a dollar, meaning Switzerland was EXPENSIVE!

Adios amigo!

We left Philipp in Switzerland. From there he went on to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where he now works as a graphic designer for a nonprofit. We miss him here in London, but know that he is destined for bigger and better things! I feel lucky to have crossed paths with him while in London, and blessed to have had the opportunity to meet his lovely family and see his beautiful country!


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